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As every woman knows, years of brushing, blow-drying, styling and straightening can take their toll on your tresses.

But a new treatment, likened to 'Botox for the hair', could help turn back the clock.

In the same way that Botox and other cosmetic procedures smooth away wrinkles, scientists claim to have devised a formula which apparently plugs holes and smooths away tears in damaged locks.

Devised by experts at L'Oreal Professionnel, the magic formula contains molecules that seek out and attach themselves to areas of damaged keratin – the protein which makes up hair fibres.

Then, according to the inventors, the molecules get extra busy by penetrating the hair shaft to seal gaps and breakages.

On top of that, vitamins and glossing agents can be added to the serum at the same time, giving longer-lasting results than other conditioning treatments, which sit on top of hair strands and need to be reapplied every time the hair is washed.

This product is different because it allows hair to repair itself from 'The molecule finds the damaged fibres and is able to change its structure to create a network or mess which plugs holes in the hair and gives it its substance back.'

The molecule, which has the trademark name Intra-Cylane, is so far only available through salons and has to be applied by hair-dressers.

It is initially washed into the hair using a shampoo, and then once the hair has been towel dried, more of the chemical is added in serum form, using a syringe.

It is particularly good for clients with very long hair, who suffer from dry, split ends, or those whose hair has become frizzy or brittle due to heat damage from curling, straightening and blowdrying or repeated colour treatments.

Unlike other conditioning agents, it is quick to apply, and can be incorporated into a normal cut and blow-dry. Because the molecule penetrates the hair shaft, it is also said to protect the hair from future damage and make it feel stronger and thicker for longer.

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